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Services for

Manon Lauron

Tax lawyer in Tarn, I provide you with personalized assistance in tax law.


Tax Advice

I support you in all your projects in order to offer you, among all the solutions, the most fiscally and technically optimizing solution best suited to your needs (profitability, costs of operations to be implemented and tax costs). The solutions are designed as a whole for the sake of consistency between the different professional and personal components. I do not work in isolation to meet a primary need.

You want to buy a professional activity

  • Whether you already have a professional activity or not, I will advise you on the engineering of the operation: direct acquisition, creation of a new company, OBO, LBO, etc...

From €2000 excluding tax

  • Tax audit for acquisition

From €900 excluding tax/day of work

You want to sell your company

  • Arbitration between transfer of business and transfer of company securities, 

  • Establishment of tax simulations for each operation.

  • I will support you in the declaration process.

From €2,500 excluding tax

Services entreprises Manon Lauron Avocat fiscaliste castres

You want to optimize
your IR/IS taxation

  • Audit of tax packages + audit report

From €900 excluding tax/day of work

Services entreprises Manon Lauron Avocat fiscaliste castres

You are internationally oriented

  • Identification of a permanent establishment in France (study, declarations, regularization)

  • Transfer pricing policy (documentation, declaration support)


Services entreprises Manon Lauron Avocat fiscaliste castres

You want to optimize your local taxation

  • Audit of current taxation + audit report, 

  • Recovery of taxes in the event of over-taxation, 

  • Identification of tax audit risk areas in the event of undertaxation (possibly brought into compliance by filing new declarations). 

From €500 excluding tax (professional premises) / €1,500 excluding tax (industrial premises) + result fee of 10% of the sums recovered over two years.

You want to protect yourself against a possible tax audit

  • Establishment of a tax ruling

From €1500 excluding tax

  • Implementation of a reliable audit trail (PAF)

From €220 excluding VAT/hour

Do not hesitate to contact me so that we can study your situation together, in order to offer you tailor-made support.


Tax audit

I can advise you on how to respond to requests for information from the tax administration, assist and defend you in the context of a tax audit and represent you at hearings before a tax judge (judicial or administrative judge).

Services entreprises Manon Lauron Avocat fiscaliste castres

General information request regarding an upcoming tax audit

  • Appointment aimed at explaining to you how the different stages of the tax audit take place and what will be expected of you during the audit.

120 € incl. VAT

Services entreprises Manon Lauron Avocat fiscaliste castres

You want to know if there is a way to challenge the tax audit

  • File study

€400 including tax

You wish to contest the proposed rectification

  • Établissement des observations du contribuable

From €720 including tax

You have contested the inspection and wish to take legal action

  • Referral to the jurisdiction, 

  • Monitoring of the litigation procedure and response to submissions from the Tax Administration

  • Hearing and pleading

From €2,400 including tax

My intervention can begin at any stage of the procedure. A personalized quote will be offered for each file depending on the financial issues and the foreseeable complexity. A result fee of 10% of the amounts saved will always be applied to guarantee you the best service.

You would like to be assisted during the inspection

  • Assistance to tax control during verification operations.

  • Package for 3 meetings.

600 € incl. VAT

Services entreprises Manon Lauron Avocat fiscaliste castres

You challenged the inspection but did not obtain satisfaction

  • Referral to the Commissions, 

  • Referral to hierarchical superiors, 

  • Establishing a contentious claim


You have been subject to seizures

  • Preliminary contestation of the Seizure

From €1000 including tax

  • Referral to the competent courts

  • (request, hearing and pleading)

From €1800 including tax

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