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Manon Lauron

Avocat au Barreau de Castres

Specialist in tax control and litigation

As a tax lawyer, I provide you with personalized assistance in tax law, I advise you on the best tax strategies and assist you in resolving all your tax disputes.


Services for

You are liberal professions, craftsmen, traders, real estate developers, industrialists.

You operate as an individual entrepreneur, commercial companies, civil companies.

Assistance and defense strategy in a tax audit situation

Tax support in the event of business (re)structuring

re structuration d'entreprise

(achat, vente, fusion scission, etc...)

Optimisation fiscale entreprise

Verification and optimization of your local taxes


sécurisation d'opérations entreprise

Securing certain operations or situations

(PAF, tax audits, ruling, etc.)


Assistance and defense strategy in a tax audit situation

accompagnement projet internationnaux particulier

Support in your international projects

audit fiscal particulier

Audit of your overall tax situation (IR/IFI)

défiscalisation immobilier particulier

Support in your tax exemption real estate investments

Services for

Are you working, an annuitant, retired and wish to optimize your taxation, pass on your assets to your children, change your tax residence?


Specialist in tax control and litigation

Manon Lauron

Maître Lauron, tax lawyer in Tarn, will offer you personalized assistance in tax law. She will support you in your projects and defend you in the event of a tax audit against the Tax Administration.

Discover the office


at the office

Duration: 30 mins

60€ incl. VAT

Simple question

Concise answer to your question (less than 1000 characters)

120€ incl. VAT



Duration: 30 mins

60€ incl. VAT



Study of your file + possibility of adding an attachment

180€ incl. VAT



Duration: 30 mins

60€ incl. VAT


Maître Lauron offers you simplified and quick appointment scheduling.




Maître Lauron supports you in optimizing your taxes.

Depending on your situation, the firm offers you the most suitable solutions.

Philip V.

Subject to a tax audit in 2017 and after having been defended by a first law firm, I can only congratulate myself on having entrusted my file to Manon LAURON at the end of 2019 and recommend her.

For 4 years, Manon LAURON accompanied me, advised me, supported me, and was available at all times. His perseverance and tenacity convinced the Administrative Tribunal and allowed me to obtain a result beyond my expectations (reduction of €34,434 out of the €38,020 claimed by the tax administration).

In addition to his professional skills, I would like to highlight his exceptional human qualities: kindness, listening, dedication...

Many thanks to you Manon for your immense work and the peace of mind found thanks to you.

Audrey M.

Maître Manon Lauron assisted me with a tax adjustment. With the help of his technical skills and his strategy, I obtained a significant abandonment of the adjustments. I highly recommend it.

Hotel Saint Antoine

Maître Lauron is always attentive, gives really good advice, she was able to support us in steps that we would never have been able to see succeed without her.
Thanks again !

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